Testimonials For Elizabeth Lynn's Wearable Art Jewelry

“Bling!!! It hit me like lightning. As I was looking in the mirror one day, I saw that six children had left me frumpy, dumpy, and lumpy. It was time to reclaim ME. I drew a line in the sand that day, changed my eating habits, started exercising, and put on a pair of sparkly earrings for the first time in almost twenty years. The immediate boost to my self-esteem in that shining moment was amazing. Today, it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing jeans and a sweatshirt or dressing up for an evening out. A little bit of bling goes a long way.”

Kristin Kanady

“I recently received a beautiful necklace that was created by Elizabeth. I must admit that it is one of the loveliest pieces I have. It’s originality commands compliments every time I wear it. The choice of amber stone so delicately wrapped in beautiful gold toned wire compliments so many outfits. I would recommend Wired, Twisted, & Stoned to anyone looking for originality, quality, and beauty. Really….Her work is amazing!”

Peggy Gleason

“Elizabeth's handmade jewelry is simply stunning; I receive many compliments every time I wear a piece, which is most days. The investment in these special accessories had led me to significantly reduce shopping for clothing as the jewelry gets all the attention! To date I have purchased  4 pair of earrings, 5 necklaces, and 1 ankle bracelet. I am certain her jewelry will be world renouned one day! Invest in yourself today...you'll be so happy you did. Guaranteed."

Lisa Carl

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