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Why is it important to accessorize with jewelry? Do you think that accessorizing with jewelry isn’t important or that it is just one tiny little aspect of your overall look? Or that it doesn’t do anything for your self-esteem? Or your sense of empowerment?

Well, think again. Because accessorizing with jewelry does do all of the above and more.

Number 10: It’s Important To Accessorize With Jewelry Because It Saves You Time…

Because you don’t have to spend time shopping for new clothes!

Sun Clock Pendant Necklace

Number 9: It Saves You Money…

Because it extends the “life” of your clothes. You can wear different pieces of wearable art jewelry and give your clothes completely different looks. It’s important to accessorize with jewelry because it makes you feel fresh and new like you had a makeover!

Planets In Orbit Necklace

Number 8: It’s Important To Accessorize With Jewelry Because It Is Extremely Versatile!

You can dress up a t-shirt and jeans with the most glamorous, sparkling, take-your-breath-away pieces of wearable art jewelry. Or you can use it to accessorize a very dressy outfit.

Accessorize With Jewelry
Cinderella’s Slipper Necklace

Number 7: It Gives You A Variety of New & Different Looks!

You can use it to update your wardrobe, to transform any outfit, to completely change your look and to give you a polished look.

Accessorize With Jewelry
Purple, Lime Green & Silver Double-Wrapped Bead Link Lariat Necklace/Belt

Number 6: It’s The Icing On The Cake…

And what is cake without icing? You might think that the icing is just one tiny little aspect of the cake, but it’s a very important detail that makes all the difference! Accessorizing with wearable art jewelry is also the difference that makes the difference! It’s the finishing touch. It gives you a polished and cohesive look, which makes your look complete. It’s like the cherry on top, and who doesn’t love cherries?!

Accessorize With Jewelry
Embedded Sparkly Mud Pie Necklace

Number 5: It’s Important To Accessorize With Jewelry Because It Helps You To Look & Feel Like A Million Bucks!

It helps you to look stylish, elegant, luxurious & exquisite! 

Accessorize With Jewelry

Number 4: It Helps You To Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Confident, Be Daring & Be You!

It’s important to accessorize with jewelry because it helps you to express your authenticity and beauty from within. 

Handmade Jewelry Blogs
Gambler’s Lucky Charm Necklace

Number 3: It Is Powerful!

Wearable Art Jewelry has unimaginable power! It has a certain magic, so wear it and let it do its magic on you!

Number 2: It Makes You Feel Better About The Way You Look!

When you accessorize your outfits, you feel better about the way you look and you feel better about yourself. Others will take notice of you and complement you. This will help you to find your voice and ultimately become more confident. This will empower you to be, do and achieve anything you want in the world.

Steampunk Hearts & Wings Necklace



I recently learned that the word radiance comes from the phrase “to shine.” So accessorizing with wearable art jewelry will help you radiate your beauty from the inside out into the world. It will make your beautiful self sparkle and shine!

Glitter Light Bulb Pendant Necklace

If you want to add radiance to your entire being, look & feel better about yourself, feel more empowered and increase your confidence, then click here to get 10% off of your first order.

Ocean Inspired Necklace

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      Love the selection of jewelry ya got…❤

      • ElizabethLynn

        Thank you, Joey! Let me know when you are ready to commission me to design and make more jewelry for ya!

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