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Welcome to my Jewelry Gallery! I am a wire and bead artist, and metalsmith extraordinaire. I design breathtaking pieces of wearable art jewelry to help empower women. And to help them express their authenticity and beauty from within. I make by hand each and every piece of wearable art jewelry in my jewelry shop.

About My Jewelry Gallery & My Captivation With Metal, Time Pieces, & Stones

Ever since I can remember, I had always been enamored by stainless steel and time pieces. At some point, I also became infatuated with pewter. Ultimately, I became captivated by all different kinds of metal.

I also remember seeing semi-precious stones in small dishes in the types of stores that sold large geodes for decoration. I fell in love with brown tiger’s eye stones. It seemed silly to walk around with them in my pocket all day. I did not know what to do with them. So I never purchased them. I discovered the world of beading, wire-working, and metalsmithing. Then I was able to incorporate all of my favorite materials into beautiful designs of wearable art!

Enjoy exploring my Wearable Art Jewelry Gallery.

My Fascination With Wire

In addition to my fascination with wire, I love working with it because I love the look of wire techniques. I love combining wire with beads and sheet metal. I am also infatuated with wire working because there are no rules!

My Fascination With Asymmetrical Designs

I am passionate about the random and asymmetrical (but balanced) techniques and designs that result from working with wire. Wire is forgiving because it is pliable. I can continue to work with it until I am satisfied with it. As I work with it, I sometimes make what I like to call “beautiful mistakes.” 

About My Jewelry Gallery & My Fascination With Hardware, Found Objects, & Steampunk

Furthermore, I sometimes incorporate hardware and found objects into my designs because of my love for metal and other natural materials that come from the earth. I am enchanted by the mythical steampunk era. As a result, I enjoy making steampunk style jewelry as well!

As a natural progression of my passion for wire and metal, I have also moved into metalsmithing. The techniques I like best are cold connecting (connecting without using heat), and folding, fusing, and torching sheet metal. You can find mixed media pieces right here in my Jewelry Gallery.

From Hobby To Business

I began making jewelry as a hobby about twenty years ago, give or take a few years. At the time, I never thought I would establish a business with it. I had beading on my “to do” list for about ten years while I was in graduate school. While I was still in graduate school, I purchased a weekend project book and a few materials. I did not even know what I was buying or how to use some of the materials I bought. However, the materials I bought were not cheap. So I realized that beading was cost prohibitive at any level of education.

How It All Began

After I was teaching full time, I realized that I could afford to revisit my beading interest. Shortly thereafter, I went to a local bead store with some of the materials I had already purchased years ago. I made a pair of earrings with the help of one of the employees at the work table. Then I signed up for a beading “boot camp” class where I learned three techniques in one day.

One of the techniques I learned was how to make a wrapped loop. I signed up for another wire wrapping class. I became hooked on wire wrapping. So I continued to take as many classes as I could on various wire wrapping techniques.

You can find pieces with these techniques right here in my Jewelry Gallery.

My Progression Into Metalsmithing

As a natural progression of my passion for wire and metal, I have also moved into metalsmithing. In particular, cold connecting (connecting without using any heat), and folding, fusing, and torching sheet metal. I continue to broaden my wire, bead, metalsmithing, and jewelry making skills by continuing to learn new techniques.

About My Jewelry Gallery & My Creative Process

I love the creative process. When I begin a new project, I love to look through my stash of beads to determine which ones I want to work with in that moment. But the creative process is so much more than just choosing beads for me. It’s also about determining the techniques I want to use to design my next piece.

I make decisions about whether I want to combine different techniques like wire wrapping with stringing or wire wrapping with metalsmithing, etc. Within the world of wire wrapping, I also have to decide on the wire wrapping technique or techniques that I want to use/combine in the piece. The design possibilities are infinite and one is only limited by his/her imagination!

I think one of the reasons why I may sometimes “get stuck” on what to design is because the possibilities are infinite. At the same time, once I make all of these decisions, the possibilities no longer exist because I removed any other possibilities by designing a piece a certain way. You can find one of a kind, unique, handmade pieces of wearable art jewelry right here in my jewelry shop.My Production Process

Production Process

The production process per se helps me to increase my sense of joy, happiness, and contentment because working with one’s hands in general is both therapeutic and spiritual! When I use my hands to create beautiful pieces of wearable art, it significantly enhances my spiritual experience.

One aspect of spirituality is living in the moment or being present in the moment. Designing and making beautiful pieces of wearable art in creases one’s sense of being in the moment because it entails a focus on one bead at a time, or concentrating on one aspect of a technique or design at a time, which increases one’s ability to live in the now throughout life.

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