Consult Directly With Elizabeth Lynn, Ph.D.

Personalized Jewelry Consultations

I Offer Personalized Jewelry Consultation Services Where I Help You:

  • Accessorize Your Wardrobe With The Perfect Wearable Art Jewelry!
  • Design Custom Pieces To Coordinate With Your Wardrobe For Every Season & Every Occasion:
    • New Clothes For New Seasons
    • Birthdays
    • Graduations
    • Anniversaries
    • Vacations & Cruises
    • Weddings & Formal Parties
    • Retirements
    • Special Events
    • You Deserve It
    • Just Because...

Tailored Products & Services I Provide For You:

  • Natural, Handmade, Unique, Breathtaking Pieces Of Wearable Art!
  • Bonus Incentives For Scheduling Private Consultations!
  • Recommendations For Designs & Materials Based On Your Preferences!
  • Adjustments & Resizing Of Jewelry From My Inventory!
  • Designs That Fit You, Your Gift Recipients & Your Budget!

*Please click here to schedule a free 30 minute jewelry consultation.

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