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What Do Tomatoes Symbolize?

The tomatoes in these vintage glass earrings are? a popular ingredient in many cuisines. Tomatoes have made quite an impact on the world ever since they spread beyond their homelands. Their homelands are Mexico and Central America. In terms of symbolism, the tomato shares qualities with many similar foodstuffs. At the same time, it possesses a few features that are all its own. The Meaning of Tomatoes

What Is The Basic Meaning Of The Tomato?

The basic meaning of the tomato is not difficult to understand. Because of its red color, juicy texture and many seeds, the tomato is clearly a sensual plant. And therefore they can be viewed as an aphrodisiac. When it arrived in Europe in the 16th century, the Christian church deemed it lewd and disapproved of tomato consumption. While not entirely for this reason, it was several centuries before Europeans began to eat tomatoes in any quantity. The Meaning of Tomatoes

A Different Culture’s Meaning Of The Tomato

Among the Bambara people of present-day Mali, the story was different. Introduced to West Africa by subsequent traders and slavers, tomatoes have had an extensive impact on the region. The Bambara view tomatoes as symbols of blood, life and fertility. On a culinary level, tomatoes have become one of the “holy trinity” of West African cooking. The other two of the “holy trinity” are onions and chili peppers. The Meaning of Tomatoes

Linguistically, the tomato possesses some interesting features. During their early days in Europe, tomatoes were known as “love apples.” This moniker developed from a few different influences. Since early specimens of the plant were yellow, they were known in Italian as “pomo d’or” or apple of gold. Presumably the red varieties were not developed until later. Another name for them was “pomo d’Moro” or apple of the Moors. This referred to the Spanish explorers who brought tomatoes back from the New World. Spain had been occupied by the Muslim Moors until just a few generations prior. From such roots, the French “pomme d’amour” or love apple developed. The Meaning of Tomatoes

Here’s Another Pair Of Vintage Red Tomato Earrings

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