Handmade Earrings: Sun Clock Pendant Earrings


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  • Metal Charms

Wear these handmade earrings to remind you of the sun, flowers, and leaves when you are feeling sunny or when you want to boost your mood. I love the bright shininess of the natural sunlight and even though these handmade earrings are a different color than sunlight, they will still brighten up your day! They will help to make you look and feel sunshiny bright all day long!

My Inspiration For Designing These Handmade Earrings

I was inspired to design these earrings because I love the bright shininess of the sun. When I found the metal charms shaped like the sun, I knew I had to design something spectacular. As a result, I used them as the center of attention or focal point in these handmade earrings. In addition, I also used them to make the Sun Clock Pendant Necklace! In addition, I decided to experiment with the concept of three-dimensional, multi-layered, textured, sculpted, wearable art jewelry. So first I designed and made the Sun Clock Pendant Necklace based on this concept. I also like to make a lot of sets. Therefore, after making the Sun Clock Pendant Necklace, I designed and made the Sun Clock Pendant Bracelet. Then I designed and made these Sun Clock Pendant earrings.

My Concept & Techniques Used To Design These Handmade Earrings

I textured and torched the sheet metal and layered the sheet metal with multiple layers of charms. I incorporated the three metal leaf dangles for an extra bit of charm and delight. I drilled the holes with a drill. I used a process called cold connecting, which means that I did not use any heat to connect the parts. I connected the parts using something called rivets. There are all different kinds of rivets for designing and making wearable art jewelry! There are mini nuts and bolts, there are hollow rivets, and even wire can be used as rivets!

  • Metal Charms

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