Crystal Drop Earrings: Sparkling Crystal Cube Earrings


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  • Faceted Crystals

Where Did My Inspiration Come From For Designing and Making These Crystal Drop Earrings?

I, myself, L.O.V.E. beads and stones that sparkle! The more sparkly the beads, stones, and finished jewelry, the more I L.O.V.E. it! I was inspired to design and make these crystal drop earrings as part of a larger earring collection that I call my Simply Elegant Earring Collection. Each pair of earrings in this collection is simple and elegant because I wire wrap one bead into each one. Each one is elegant because of the wire wrapped design of the earring wires, the beads, or both.

Why Do Crystals Delight So Many?

It is highly likely that you are attracted to crystals in some way, shape, or form! Crystals are attractive to veryone, or almost everyone. They are prized the world over. They are uplifting and bright. Most people think of their brightness first when they think of, or hear, the word “crystal.” Each crystal has its own sacred meaning. Therefore, they were valued for more than their beauty. “Their healing properties were as important as their ability to adorn” (Hall, 2003:10). You may be attracted to certain stones because of their specific healing properties.

Many types of crystals have been around for years, if not centuries, but new crystals are appearing on the scene. These new crystals are “Stones for the New Age” (Hall, 2003).