Candy Earrings: Dark Red Candy Charm Earrings


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The beads in these earrings remind me of candy. Hence their name, Candy Earrings. In particular, they remind me of dark red hard cherry candies. Hard candy was not ever my favorite kind of candy, but like most kids, I used to love candy. There was a 7-11 store down the street and around the corner from where I lived. I used to walk almost every week after school to the 7-11 to get candy. I always ate it on my walk home because my parents would not allow me to have any candy. They were very strict about the food we ate and very rarely ever allowed any candy into the house.

Halloween Candy

The only time my parents allowed me and my brother to have candy in the house was on Halloween and for a short time afterwards. We were only allowed to have a few pieces of candy each day. At one point, when I became old enough, my father would ask me to show him how much candy I got from trick or treating. Every year, I would show him. Every year, he would ask me if I would “sell” it to him and in the same breath, he would ask me how much I think the candy I collected from trick or treating was worth. He seemed to accept whatever dollar amount I would say and offered to give me the money in exchange for the candy. I always accepted his offers.

After I “sold” him my candy, either he or I would throw it away. So he was offering me cash in exchange for the candy so that I wouldn’t eat it. It was his way of bribing me to throw it away. Every year, when he asked me how much it was worth, I wish I had said that it was worth way more than I said it was worth. Oh well…at least I still “made money” by agreeing to throw away my candy. He did still let me have a few pieces before I threw it away.

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Fast Forward To Today

It’s ironic that I used to think my parents were health nuts because I actually eat healthier now than they ever did! They thought they were, and still are, “health nuts” because they ate foods that are low in fat. However, they also eat foods that don’t have much or any nutritional value. They eat a lot of foods that have “empty calories” instead of foods that are nutritionally dense.

My Passion For Nutrition

I, on the other hand, developed a passion for nutrition while I was in College and graduate school. This was a personal passion that never ceased. I read and studied a lot of nutrition books. I always tried to eat the healthiest foods based on the knowledge I had acquired by that point in time. So if I acquired new knowledge that required me to tweak or change my eating habits, then I changed or tweaked my eating habits based on that new knowledge. It was through all of this reading and studying about nutrition that I came to the realization that I actually eat healthier than my parents!

A few years after I began teaching, I was fortunate to be able to combine my personal passion for nutrition with my professional degrees in sociology, and teach sociology of nutrition courses online.

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